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I’ll let you into a little secret, I might make candles and lovely, pretty scented melts but at heart I am a bit of geek. I love numbers, stats, information, data, spreadsheets. I used to be a database marketer and a business analyst, I guess it all kind of fits in a way. So, it isn’t that much of a surprise that I LOVE Facebook’s insights which are available on business pages.

If you use these insights carefully and to their full potential you can reach the exact people who are wanting to see your page and your products, and who want to interact with you, it’s almost like being introduced to a friend of a friend and finding out you have so much in common that you arrange to meet up for coffee the next day, only there are lots of these people and they all potentially want to buy what you’re selling or talk to you about your business.

When you go into the insights section on your Facebook page you can see an overview of your pages stats for the last week. This is nice to know especially if there have been any specific spikes or drops however the really juicy information in terms of who you are talking to can be found on the ‘People’ tab.

The people section shows you the demographics (the who and the where) of the people who are engaging with your page. These are the people who like your page and your posts, see your comments, shares and photos and have interacted with your page in some way. You can see whether they are male or female, their age bracket and even where abouts in the country and the world they are from. Sometimes this information may surprise you, for Lubylu it’s no surprise that 75% of my engagers are females aged between 25 and 75 years old and most live in Leeds (I’m based near Leeds and do events locally).

You might be thinking, ‘that’s all well and good but how does this help me?’ It helps by allowing you to target your products, posts, offers, tone of voice of your emails and other communication, appropriately. It means that you can afford to trial boosted posts as you can target who sees them more effectively and so increasing your CTR (Click Through Rate) and subsequently your conversion from someone being a little bit interested into a sale and even better, into a committed and valued regular customer.

The old rules of sales conversions, back in the days before the internet (yes I can remember that far back thank you), used to be the 100, 10, 1 rule. You contact 100 people, 10 might be interested and 1 person will buy. That was when you contacted 100 people in general not 100 people who have shown, by they previous behaviour, that they potentially might be interested in what you have to offer. Conversion rates of 20% are not unusual when the message is targeted correctly and the message is one which consumers want to hear.

The power of this tool, especially for smaller business, is amazing as it allows you to spend your no doubt quite small and very valuable marketing budget most effectively and with the best chance of success. Use it wisely, test it, monitor it but most of all don’t ignore what is suite of very valuable marketing tools which are being provided FREE.

Enjoy meeting your new customers 


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