Can you afford NOT to take a break?

I remember the feeling of excitement well. People at work would ask you have you booked a holiday this year, “We go on 15th.” I’d reply. “Ooo how long are you going for?”, “Two weeks!” I’d grin, “two weeks away from this place” I’d add and I meant it, I really did. I could put my out of office message on my email and forget about work for two whole weeks, relax, enjoy the break and truly recharge my batteries.

Can I afford it…?

It’s the not the same when you run a small business or are self employed, not the same at all! You still look forward to the break, the change of scenery, the opportunity to sample local food and drink, even if it is just a San Miguel in a bar on a Spanish Costa (it tastes so much better in Spain, just as Guinness is a different drink in Ireland but I digress…). The excitement is still there, the longing for a break still palpable but when you run your own small business or are totally self employed it is tinged with apprehension ….

How will my business survive without me? Will it survive without me? Will my customers still be there when I get back? Will they actually miss me at all (which could even be worse if they don’t)? Can I really afford not just the holiday but the loss of earnings? If any of these burning questions ring a bell, rest assured you’re not alone, we all have these same fears and conflicting emotions but the simple answer is that you can’t afford NOT to have a break.

View from the cliff
Clear turquoise water in a pretty little cove, perfect for day dreaming…

Clear your mind to think clearly

Time away from your business can and will actually be amazingly beneficial for its development. You’ll have time, head space, a change of scenery and a new set of inspirations which can help to create the necessary room for ideas to be planted as seeds, germinate and be developed to fruition once you return home. Use this time wisely, give yourself a chance to clear your mind and actually think, Not just fire fight everyday situations, actually think, plan, ponder, dream, you’ll be astounded at what you can achieve and in a very short space of time.

If you can see your break as a chance to recharge and regroup not just your personal batteries but the power source for your business, you as a whole, you’ll be able to visualise the opportunity that a break can provide. For creative businesses such as Lubylu, it’s a chance to step away from the wax, put the lids on the fragrance oil bottles and to have a proper think about what I want from the future, where do I see my business going, what goals do I want to set myself, who do I need to talk to when I get back in order to achieve my goals and what further work or research can I do?

Daydream believer 

I use my time away to enjoy my family and friends, use them to bounce new ideas off, talk wildly about ideas and dreams for the future (never underestimate the power of day dreaming) and to give my business and creative brain time to grow. I’ll admit that I’m not the best at letting go completely (I’m writing this by the pool by the way). I still update social media profiles (set up a Facebook business page as a favour for friends while I’m away – The Sun Deck Cala Millor) check emails and field inquiries but not having the same time pressures at home gives you the space and the freedom to develop new ideas, explore inspirations and aspirations and provide you with a valuable source of development for when you return. And the best bit is, you can do all of this and still relax… As I said, Can you afford NOT to take break?