Work Life Passion

I managed to catch The One Show the other evening which featured a short clip about Anita Roddick, her life, her work and her children and those who know me know that I have a great respect for Anita and how and why she ran her business. One quote from her auto biography is a sort of mantra to me ‘If you do business for the right reasons, the money will come’.

I completely agree with this sentiment which is why one of the main foundations of my Lubylu business is that I want to create a brand that people want to buy and run a business that people want to work for.  I’ve probably been quite naïve about some elements of business at times, especially the costing and charging side of things as I want everyone to be able to afford to buy Lubylu creations, even if as a little ‘lipstick’ luxury, but a very wise lady, Melinda Coss, pointed out to me that it’s only by making real money that you can truly support the causes you believe in and to do that, you need to charge appropriately for your products. Melinda had read Anita’s book as well and this was her take on how and why The Body Shop was run the way it was.

The One Show featured an interview with one of Anita’s daughters, who continue to run the foundation which she set up to support the causes which Anita championed. One very interesting statement she made was that she and her sister often resented the Causes her mother and The Body Shop supported, as her parents worked so hard all the time they often felt that they had to compete for their Mother’s attention, which at the time she resented. This made me think of an article I read in The Huffington Post by Linzi Boyd about ‘having it all’ and how to juggle a successful career or business and a family.

Whilst I do fully acknowledge that it must be so much easier to plan and juggle your time when you can afford the right team around you, it was more the element of Linzi’s article where she expresses the ideal that when you work so hard that there is a chance your family life is suffering, is not better that your family see you doing something that you are passionate about it, something which excites you and which you know can make a difference?

I often worry that I work too many hours, that my daughter hears me say ‘I’ll be there when I’ve just finished this…’, ‘just give me two minutes sweetheart’, ’I’m too busy…’, too often and when she says ‘Mummy, if you’re not too busy, can you watch my new dance?’ it breaks my heart. But at least I know that now I am running Lubylu as my full time (more than full time) occupation,  I am doing something that makes me come alive, something which I have passion for and that I believe in, and that I know shows through and is a positive influence on our small family.


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