Off the grid

special skipsea stones
Far Grange View
Who needs the Med?

We’ve just got back from a week away at the East Coast staying at a Holiday Home Park (an exclusive caravan park with fantastic facilities) where phone signals are weak and intermittent, 4 or even 3G data services are virtually none existent, as for widespread wifi, you’ll waste a lot of battery life searching unsuccessfully for one!

Sounds terrible at first BUT it’s actually been quite cathartic. Without constant contact with the outside world, the background noise of other people’s status updates, tweets and checkins we’ve been able to slow down, relax and do the things we want to do when we want to do them, the only time constraint being the onsite swimming timetable. We’ve been to a rock factory where the kids have made rock (it’s harder to roll molten sugar then you think, kudos to the people who do it all day, everyday!) and chocolate lollies, walks on the beach looking for the perfect stones to paint and ‘special’ shells which absolutely must be brought back with us. Pipsqueak has spent most of the week outside playing, running around and properly playing, like kids should be able to do in the summer holidays.

We’ve even had to talk to each other, proper conversations involving hopes and dreams for the future, plans and aspirations, the sort of topics you never seem to find the time for when your everyday life of work, school, childcare, running a home, is rushing about around you. Mr P is self employed as well so we rarely find the time to discuss the futures of our businesses to make sure that we are on track and actually heading in the right and same direction.

It’s been good to have some ‘down time’, time and head space for thought, reflection and conversation. It’s certainly given us as a family the renewed energy and impetus to drive our businesses forward and an understanding of where we are heading. Now safely back in the land of fibre optic, satellite TV and a decent mobile phone signal, I find myself reaching for my phone to see what the latest bleep, bing or ping from it actually signifies but stopping myself and wondering if it really matters to what I’m currently doing; chances are it doesn’t and it can wait, just a little bit, until I’m ready to give it my full attention. How long this restraint against instant technology will last, I don’t know, but so far so good and my levels of concentration are much improved!